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Anonymous asked: If someone completely unconnected to you messaged you on Facebook to tell you that they thought you were beautiful, would you think it was sweet, or creepy?

Depends how the hack they found me on Facebook :’) idk, depends I guess

P L A N.

Ok, so the summer plan is pretty simple

First two weeks off,
Then basically got Paris,
Then it’s essentially reading,
Then I’m bleaching my hair blond,
Getting clip in extensions,
Decorating my room,
And scraping together money to find a killer outfit for the frost day of term.

Anonymous asked: Do you ever get the urge to just post something really sexy but bottle it because other people are wankers???

Hmm, well; I guess I used to. This time last year for example; I was in a very bad place and my self esteem was taking a hit. I felt sexy, but craved appreciation from others. I was in, let’s face it, a bad relationship; though I wouldn’t admit that until recently. I thought I had to take my clothes off to be sexy, I thought I needed Lacey underwear to be attractive, I thought I had to show off my figure to look good. But I’ve learnt an important lesson - I don’t need stockings and suspenders to be sexy. Sure, I look hot as hell in them. But I can be just as sexy in jeans and a t-shirt. Confidence is the key to being sexy, and I don’t need to post naked pictures to show the world I’m confident, I need a bright smile and to walk around with my head held high. You’re right though, people are wankers: however, I don’t care what other people think or say, if I’m proud of my body and want to show it off, I sure as hell will!

Anonymous asked: I'd be honoured if you fell in love with me.

Please come off anon, omg. Xx

So looking back on the last 365 days… They haven’t been great. I can definitely add this the to list of bad years. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, lost a lot of people and just generally messed up. A lot. However, I have a actually learnt a lot about myself, and how to cope with bad things (TOP TIP: Getting drunk and singing show tunes isn’t always the best way!) So, today I celebrate (I use that term VERY loosely) 365 days SINGLE. And you know what? I guess it hasn’t been soo bad. So to all you single girls out there - I give you only one word of advice from a girl with experience: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR HAIR. 
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xlotic asked: Hey rebecca you have a nice blog and you're beautiful! if you need anything or want to talk about anything just let me know okay? How's life by the way? xo :)

Yeah life is pretty good actually :) sun shining, birds singing! A little topsy tervy as it’s a year since my breakup on Monday, and my family are all a little rocky. But making the most of the sun and keeping head held high!! How are you doing? :) x

Can’t wait to be blonde again!!